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Archive for May 2023

Links to Worship Sunday May 14

Last Sunday we focused on the reason we have HOPE – because Jesus rose from the dead we know our sins are forgiven and we have hope for eternity. Here is the audio link for the worship service on Sunday May 14th, the Sixth Sunday of Easter: Here is the You.Tube link:

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Link to Worship on April 30

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, On Sunday we celebrated “Good Shepherd Sunday” and heard the Gospel reminder that Jesus is the Door to eternal life; He is also our mediator, “Go Between” the Father and you and me! Here is the You.Tube link: Blessings on your week! Continue to follow the voice of THE…

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Links to Worship Sunday April 23, 2023

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, A special thank you to Dukar Doyle for participating in the dialogue portion of the sermon; his efforts helped us to visualize the Emmaus Disciples’ walk that Easter afternoon. During the breaking of the bread, Jesus revealed Himself to those disciples and their hearts were burning when the recalled…

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