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Link to Worship 8/13/2023

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our gospel lesson focused on the miracle of Jesus walking on the water… this event comes right after the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000. Both miracles reveal Jesus’ true identity as the Son of God. Jesus come alongside the boat and the disciples are startled to see what they believe to be a ghost. Jesus reassures them it is Him; He calms their fears with His voice. Then Peter foolishly asks Jesus if He is the Son of God to allow him to walk on the water too. Jesus invites Peter to step out of the boat, but once he is walking on the water he takes His eyes off Jesus and begins to sink. Jesus is quick to rescue Peter and encourage him to trust and believe. The picture Jesus, who is quick to rescue and does not judge, is an image we can take hope in when we have moments of doubt or times when we take our eyes off Jesus.

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