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From Pastor Eilers: Bible Study for Lenten Midweek, March 25, 2030

(a devotional recording will be posted soon) Notes on The Trial of Jesus  Matthew 27: 1-2, 11-41     LENTEN MIDWEEK     March 25, 2020   Note the similarity between the Roman trial and the previous Sanhedrin hearing. (26: 57-68)  Charges are brought against Jesus, He remains mostly silent in both scenes.  When he gives answer it is with…

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From Pastor Eilers: Gospel Notes for Sunday, March 22

NOTES ON The Healing of the Blind Man   John 9:1-41 This story could easily be included in a series on Great Chapters of the Bible. (Vss 1-7) This man having been born blind, seems to bring up the question of who caused it.   Was it the parents fault because of sin or the man himself…

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