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Links to Worship 11/22 & 11/26

Dear Families and Friends of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,

This past Wednesday we gathered for a Thanksgiving Eve Worship Service; Paul’s first letter to Timothy (2:1-4) was a great reminder of the Gospel, that Christ came for ALL people. In response to God’s great love and grace Paul encouraged us to pray for all people, even those in governmental leadership positions.

Yesterday was the last Sunday in the Church Year and our focus was on Christ’s return and the joy that He gives us in serving others in need.

Here is the audio for the Thanksgiving Eve Service (we apologize, there is no video for that service):

Here is the SoundCloud audio link to the worship service on Sunday November 26, 2023:

Here is the video link to the worship service on Sunday November 26, 2023:

Attached please find the pdf file with the Order of Worship for Sunday November 26, 2023.

As we turn our eyes toward the celebration of the coming of the Christ-child, we also look and wait with joyful anticipation, the return of Christ as King.

God’s blessings on your week!

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