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Links to Worship Sunday December 3

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Yesterday we celebrated the beginning of another Church year and the season of Advent. During Advent we prepare through prayer and repentance of our sins to celebrate Jesus’ birth and to prepare with pentitent hearts His second coming.

Here is SoundCloud link to the audio recording of the service:

Here is the YouTube link to the video recording:

Also, here is a picture of the Advent banner hanging behind the altar in the chancel area of our sanctuary. Note the blue (royalty) color for the season of Advent, not only do we look forward with joy to celebrate the birth of Jesus as our King, we look forward to Christ’s second coming as the King of all Kings. Jesus is the light of the world, His saving Gospel bring light and hope to our dark world. In the Banner you see the sun and four stars shining (four weeks of Advent) above and the moon reflecting the sun’s light. The “Tau Cross” (Greek Letter for T) has come and is now part of our world. In our Gospel lesson today we heard Mark predict that on the “Day of the Lord,” the day the Lord will return to gather up all His believers, the sun will no longer shine, the moon will no longer reflect the light of the sun, and the stars will fall. In sense this is the undoing of the fourth day of creation when God created light when God will come on that Last Day to create a new heaven and a new earth. God’s word are sure, true, and enduring, for “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away!” (Mark 13:31). In Advent we celebrate the birth of Christ, the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us, and we also look with joy and anticipation for His return.

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